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v2.0.2 Release Date: 17/05/2019

  • Improvement: Fixed the problem with pagination feature.
  • Improvement: Fixed the problem with Mega menu.
  • Improvement: Corrected the client link in the notification forwarded to the manager because the invoice could not be generated.
  • Improvement: On the Field Name Inquiry page, when you entered the security question and then pressed Enter, the JSON output was visible.
  • Improvement: Fixed a problem with ResellerClub "Whois Protection Status".
  • Improvement: Fixed an issue where the "Paid Date" was registered as blank when marking an invoice as "Paid" on the invoice list.
  • Improvement: When updating the unpaid invoice, the issue of showing the total amount including tax has improved.
  • Improvement: Notification texts updated.
  • Improvement: Corrected the issue of registering empty fields on the server additional service adjustments page.
  • Improvement: On the CyberVM module, after the VPS is created, user and password information is shown as same as API.
  • Improvement: PayTR API language changes.
  • Improvement: Improvements in support request lock.
  • Improvement: In automatic order activations, an improvement was provided for the "order was activated " notification.
  • Improvement: On Client panel > Support Ticket the time information was shown according to the last login location.
  • Improvement: Some improvements have been made to the client panel view.
  • Improvement: Cash management has been added to user authorization.
  • Improvement: Fixed the date problem on the WAnalytics financial settings.
  • New Feature: Added Quantity field to add-ins.
  • New Feature: Added the "Renew/Extend" button to the Software Order detail section.
  • New Feature: For SSL certificates, MultiSSL enhancements have been made.
  • Improvement: Improvements were provided in international SMS reporting.
  • Improvement: On the client panel, passive product services are blocked from appearing in the Statistics box.
  • Improvement: Fixed issue where "Invoice created" Notification was sent again.
  • Improvement: Improvements to tax rules have been provided.
  • Improvement: Fixed issue "Passive Mailbox" after email creation on Plesk API.
  • New Feature: Added MultiSSL property for GogetSSL.
  • New Feature: Client fund balance management has been added to user authorization setting.

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