User Guide and Documentation

v2.0.1Release Date: 2019/04/29


  • Improvement: Fixed CSRF warning when creating billing address information on basket.
  • Improvement: For free purchase, If the basket amount is 0 and the customer pays with the credit balance, the "low balance" warning has been corrected.
  • Improvement: On the notification templates, the "Body Template Style Codes " was the same as the previous version. Revised for v2
  • Improvement: Some edits were made in the English language.
  • Improvement: Fixed white page issue in maintenance mode.
  • Improvement: Revization was made in the Client Panel / Dashboard.
  • Improvement: The department and status issue was addressed when defining the Custom Field on the support system.
  • Improvement: Optimization has been made on the DomainNameAPI.
  • Improvement: In the Vps order detail, the action buttons and statistic infos are centered.
  • Improvement: On the Basic client panel, the ticket detail was improved.
  • Improvement: Improvements were made on cronjob.
  • Improvement: Systematic several arrangements and improvements were achieved.
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