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v2.0 Release Date: 24/04/2019


The most awaited WISECP v2.0 is now released

We are pleased to announce the new version

What's new in v2.0

Domain Name Integrations

Provides the best solution for reselling domains at an affordable price

Provides solutions with appropriate costs for domain name service

Virtual Server Automation

You can offer virtual server services and automate all virtual server operations

You now can offer Wmware-based virtual server services and automate all virtual server operations

SSL Certificates Automation

In this new verison we have included API integrations to the system for SSL certificates. You can now sell and manage SSL certificates in a fully automated manner through the following companies. To do this, you can visit the "Control Panel > Product/Services > Product/Service Management > Product/Service API Management" path. You can then create a new product group and define the API through the "Automation" tab in the product package detail.

Goget SSL API, you can provide fully automated SSL Certificate Services

Namecheap SSL API, you can provide fully automated SSL Certificate Services

ResellerClub SSL API, you can provide fully automated SSL Certificate Services

Onlinenic SSL API, you can provide fully automated SSL Certificate Services

Product Licenses Automation

With WISECP V2.0, the API Integration feature is included for product licenses. In this way, you can automatically provide online sales, management and control through the API for cPanel, LiteSpeed, Cloudlinux, SOLUSVM, Kernelcare and many other product licenses. To do this, you can visit the "Control Panel > Product/Services > Product/Service Management > Product/Service API management " path. You can then create a new product group and define the API through the "Automation" tab in the product package detail.

With the API, you can offer full automatic product licenses sales and services

Payment Methods

Collect payments in many countries with the Stripe Payment Intents (3D Supported) API

Collect payments with the Skrill, one of the most commonly used payment methods

Supports more than 500+ digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more

Collect payments with PerfectMoney, most commonly used payment method

Other Features

Next Generation Smart Search

Everything you're looking for now is at hand with one click! With the Advanced Smart Search feature in WISECP V2.0, you can instantly search with all other criteria smartly such as client name surname / email / phone number / domain name / order no etc, you can see the results that have been categorized within seconds. In addition, if you search with IP, all fields registered in the system will be searched and listed. This, includes all registered IP addresses of clients and all IP addresses defined on orders.

Advanced Statistics and Reporting

With the WAnalytics, you can review real-time client monitoring, sales reports and analytics, client analytics, and more statistical information, and analyze your business from the start to end.

Renewed Taxation System

You can now define prices including VAT and excluding VAT. The amounts you define to the products will be calculated accordingly. In addition, the taxation system has been reconsidered according to the European Union tax laws. You can define different tax rates for any country and city. The WISECP automatically detects the location of your customers and automatically identifies the appropriate tax rate.

"WClient" Modern Client Panel

With the newly developed WClient client panel, you can easily use the WISECP on the theme you want. Your clients can manage their products and services in an easier and more practical way and buy new services. With the "Only Client Panel" feature, all transactions, including basket and order stages, can be carried out via WClient without leaving the customer panel. To activate WClient, select "Admin Panel > Settings > Theme Settings > Theme Management follow the path of "Default Theme" and provide action via the Settings button.

Next Generation Client Support System

Now it's easier to offer support to your clients! With WISECP V2, you'll be in touch with your clients just like a live support. When your clients write a message, you'll see a warning in the form of "xxx is typing... ". You can instantly view the response from your client as you type messages. In addition, the support system interface now has a much simpler and more modern appearance.

Advanced Promotion System

Next to any product, you can offer your customers a different product, discounted or free promotion. For example: "The COM domain name for the purchase of hosting is free " as well. To do this, follow the path to "Admin Panel > Settings > Financial Settings > Promotions"

Customizable Server Order Add-ons

Now on virtual server orders, your clients can create orders by selecting the add-ons that you previously defined, such as Disk Space, RAM, CPU, Traffic, and so on. Orders are automatically generated and delivered on the main machine via the API. To do this, follow the path to "Admin Panel > Products/Services > Product/Service management > Product/Service Add-Ons" and click the "Gear button" on the options when creating a new add-on for the servers.

Facebook + Google Connect

Now your clients can make automatic login or account creation via Facebook or Google accounts with just one click. To do this, follow the path to "Admin Panel > Tools > Plugins" and click on the Settings button of the platform you want.

Advanced Theme Management

With the advanced theme management feature that comes with WISECP V2, the theme is now much easier to develop and edit. Download/install or make edits to the theme you want.

  • New Feature: On the domain name order, the ability to change the "domain name registrar" was added
  • New Feature: Admins can now remind users of unpaid invoices manually
  • New Feature: the "Invoice Order" feature has been added
  • New Feature: Clients can now use "Remind Invoice" button to re-send an invoice
  • New Feature: Added a list of reports under the "Tools" menu for Systemsic SMS
  • New Feature: In the list of invoices, the "Total Unpaid Invoices" information is now added
  • New Feature: Optionally, the "Deny Access" feature has been added to disallow access information on hosting orders
  • New Feature: In hosting orders, the "domain name change" feature has been added
  • New Feature: Term selection feature in cart is now added
  • New Feature: On server orders, "listing additional IP addresses" feature is added
  • New Feature: "Custom Field" feature is now added in support tickets
  • New Feature: When ordering web hosting, if "Existing Domain" is selected, the server DNS information is shown
  • New Feature: Added the "Profit Rate" field to the domain name registrar module settings
  • New Feature: "Requirements Identification" feature was added for hosting packages
  • New Feature: Order Detail, the "View all invoices that that belongs to this user" is introduced
  • New Feature: Order Detail, the "pricing type" feature is introduced. "Client-special/Custom price" or "Linked to Product Price"
  • New Feature: Special product groups, the "domain name define" feature has been added
  • New Feature: Client panel > Order Detail, the "Requirements List" has been added
  • New Feature: General and client-specific "+18" age control
  • Improvement: New fields added in order to add/remove addresses
  • Improvement: Minor changes in domain management
  • Improvement: Minor changes in web hosting order form
  • Improvement: Minor changes on domain name extensions and prices
  • Improvement: In SMS notifications, currency symbols have been changed to characters
  • Improvement: The ping operation was removed when adding DNS for domain name
  • Improvement: Changes have been made to the "Service Period Selection" page
  • Improvement: The two-factor verification process has been adjusted to depend on the client preference
  • Improvement: The English language has been completely revised
  • Improvement: Visual enhancements on admin panel
  • Improvement: System improvement & optimization
  • Improvement: Performance updates
  • Improvement: Security Updates

Important Reminder

WISECP v2.0 requires minimum PHP 7.2. After upgrading your system to version v2.0, please remember to update your PHP version to a minimum of 7.2.

How do I upgrade?

For further information on WISECP version upgrade process, please click the following link

We work with all our strengths to give you a better WISECP experience.

Hope to see you again in the new version.

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