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V1.3 Release Date: 01/10/2018

WiseCP V1.3 Version Announced.

What's New with V1.3

Paraşüt E-INVOICE (Only TR Users)

Billing transactions are now very easy for WiseCP users!

With Paraşüt E-Invoice module, you can get rid of printed invoice troubles and have your invoices delivered to your customers with either a single click or automatically. Let WiseCP handle all invoices, focus on your business.

Click here for detailed information.

2CHECKOUT Payment Module

With 2checkout, you collect credit card payments all over the world.

Collect payment with fast, reliable and low commissions with 2checkout from the most widely used virtualpos solutions worldwide.

Domain Name Promotion and Auto Control

Define promotions for domain names and increase your sales.

You can define the end date for the campaigns and make the standard price valid after the end date. In addition, you can automatically calculate your domain name costs via the API to define the profits you have determined. Moreover, this process occurs automatically every day without your knowledge.

Invoice Management is Now Much Easier

We've made billing management much easier for you now.

Create multiple pens over a single invoice. Just enter the amounts of the invoice items and the system will calculate the automatic tax. In addition, your customers can pay all their invoices at once. Moreover, a single invoice is generated for products and services with the same end date.

Easily Manage Support Requests from Mobile.

Now it's easy to manage support requests on your mobile device.

We have developed the mobile ticket request interface side for you so that you can easily manage all of your customers ' support requests through your mobile device. You can now easily view and manage all technical support requests from your mobile device. 

Other innovations and improvements

  • With one click, you can provide login to the customer panel as customer.
  • You can define multiple categories of software products.
  • Visual improvements were made on the admin panel and website.
  • Performance improvements were made.
  • Security level increased and improved.
  • The last 5 unpaid invoice view were provided on the Admin Panel homepage.
  • The ability to send e-mail to a customer is linked to notification templates.
  • It doesn't matter if you define a point or a comma in the amount information anymore.
  • In the hosting account password reset, the option "send notification" has been added.
  • Fixed password display issue for CPanel activation information.
  • Fixed a default ns impression problem when you registered a manual domain.
  • Fixed issue of "Tax Exemption" in creating / editing invoice.
  • Fixed issue where SMS sending to administrators could not be done.
  • Improvements have been made to the "horizontal listing" feature on the web site.
  • During the software order phase, the domain name identification was filtered.

 How Can I Upgrade?

You can reach detailed information about WiseCP version upgrade via the link below. 

We're working hard to give you a better WiseCP experience.

Hope to see you again in the V1.4 version.

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