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V1.6 Release Date: 08/01/2019

v1.6 Version is Ready for You!

  • Performance improvements.
  • Security updates.
  • Visual arrangements on the Control Panel.
  • Control Panel statistical blocks are now more comprehensive.
  •  "Reminder " module to not forget anything.
  • Task Planner feature (Create a work order, assign a job, track it.)
  • Drag/drop/place/show/hide Control Panel Blocks.
  • Periodic Case outgoing records. (The system periodically creates an outgoing record every month.)
  • The ability of cronjob operations to occur at specific time intervals has arrived.
  • Transaction exemption (suspending and canceling is not applied until the specified date.)
  • Improvements on the billing system.
  • Improvements to domain name transfer.
  • Shared server switching feature on Hosting orders
  • The development of the VNC feature in virtual server orders.
  • The selection of rebuild ISO files for the customer on the virtual server orders.
  • Improvements to listing references.
  • The order status buttons were changed to "radio Button".
  • This version was farewell to the name of Wscms brand :)

How do I upgrade?

You can reach detailed information about WiseCP version upgrade via the link below. 

We're working hard to give you a better WiseCP experience.

Hope to see you again in New Version.

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