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TaxationRelease Date: 2018/09/15

WiseCP has an advanced taxation system. This way you can easily adapt to your country's tax conditions.

  1. Taxation
    The taxation feature is activated as standard. If you do not want to use the taxation feature, you can deactivate it. In this case, the tax is not calculated for any payment transaction on the system.
  2. Tax rate (%)
    You can set a tax rate in percent, depending on the local conditions of your country. Thus, taxation will be applied to all payments according to the tax rate you have defined. You can optionally deactivate the taxation feature on a per-customer basis. You can also do this in a coupon description. For detailed information, check the account details of a customer and see Create a new coupon code.
  3. Send Invoice with Courier
    You can optionally send your printed invoices to your customers ' addresses by courier. You can also charge an extra fee. When this feature is used, an input will be shown in the payment phase and your customers can mark it if they want to.
  4. Courier Fee for Invoice Sending
    You can define the fee to be charged if your printed invoices are sent by courier.

Important Reminder: If your client is a citizen of a different country, WiseCP will not calculate taxes for this customer and the tax amount will be defined as 0 (zero) pursuant to international tax laws.

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