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WISECP Offers Superior Solutions for Developers. 

1) Rent or sell your software, themes and add-ons.

With product packages you've created on the "Admin Panel > Product/Services > Software" path, you can sell and rent your software, themes, and add-ons. If you define pricing periods periodically as "monthly" or "annual", a renewal invoice will be generated automatically at the end of the period.

2) Control the license and service time.

From the "Admin Panel > Services > Software Services" path, you can obtain license control codes that are automatically generated from the "Licensing" tab in the product packages you create. License control codes are automatically generated, and all you have to do is copy the relevant codes and add them to a key php file of your software, theme, or add-on. 

Warning:  Do not make arrangements that can render the license control code created by WISECP dysfunctional. You should add license control codes to a lock php file that affects all files of your software, theme, or add-on. For example: functions.php etc. Otherwise, if you add it to a file that doesn't affect all pages, you may not see any effect.

When you add the license control code to your products, you can:

  1. ) You can remotely suspend and activate software, themes and add-ons.
  2. ) You can change the license check period on demand. (E.g.: check once a day or checked once a week.)
  3. ) If your periodic products are not renewed, you can automatically suspend and show a warning.
  4. ) You can see in detail the list of unauthorized installations. (Domain name, Directory, Server IP, User IP, etc.)

Reminder: License control codes provide a connection using the CURL library. If there is any problem with CURL on the server where the license codes are running, a "LICENSE CURL CONNECTION ERROR" error will appear. This issue should be taken into consideration.  

You need to encrypt your php file, which contains the license control codes you add to your software, themes, or add-ons, with a powerful encryption method (e.g. IONCUBE). Otherwise, unauthorized use may be made by removing license codes and your rights may be disregarded. (We never want that :)

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