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Payment MethodRelease Date: 2018/09/15

WiseCP supports a wide range of payment methods. We continuously develop new payment methods and integrate them into the system.

Default Active Module Settings

In the payment phase, you can define multiple payment methods so that your customers can pay. Your customers can then choose one of their preferred payment methods to complete the process.

Standard Payment Methods

  1. Bank Transfer
    You can collect money via bank transfer. When you activate this module, the bank information you added during the payment phase will be presented to the customer and asked which bank he wants to pay. Your customer will complete the payment process by typing the bank account information and the sender's name surname and reference number.

    Paypal is the most preferred payment method in the world. When the PayPal payment method is preferred, it is automatically routed to the PayPal payment screen during payment. Once the transaction is completed on the PayPal checkout page, the transaction will be returned again.
  3. PAYTR

    Paytr is one of the leading payment companies in Turkey. It is generally known for the appropriate commission rates and the next day to pay. PAYTR Payment Services Inc. operates as a licensed payment agency under the law on payment and securities reconciliation systems, payment services and electronic monetary institutions numbered 6493 as of April 26, 2016.

    You can easily make adjustments such as "installment options, Commission rate, test mode " through the PAYTR module.

    Click here for detailed information about PAYTR.

    Iyzico is a payment retrieval service management platform designed for speed and efficiency. With the appropriate commission rates, it offers a solution with a blocked duration of 22 days. Iyzıco serves as a licensed payment and electronic money organization under the law numbered 6493 under the license of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK).

    You can easily make adjustments such as "Commission rate" through the Iyzico module.

    Click here for detailed information about PAYTR.
  5. Account Credit
    Your customers can make their payments with credit balances. To do this, they must first upload their credit to their accounts. You can also make adjustments such as "Minimum amount to install " and "Automatic Payment instructions ". In this way, your customers cannot load under the amount you appear and they can automatically make all their payments from credit balances.

When we add a new payment method, we will update this page again.

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