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CurrenciesRelease Date: 2018/09/15

WiseCP has an advanced "multi-currency" feature. So much so that the system has more than 150 defined currencies.

More than 150 units of currency are available on WiseCP. If you want to use them, you can only activate with one click. Other than that, you don't need to make an extra adjustment.

Currency Rates are Automatically Updated

All exchange rates defined and active in the system are updated automatically through the API. You can optionally update it manually. If you do not update manually, your active exchange rates will be automatically updated at the Cronjob.

In the calculation of exchange rates, the API and the API are built in. The API, which is free as standard and provides multiple currency support, is actively used and is 99% accurate and realistic.

Currency Update Frequency

Currency rates are programmed to be updated with the Mimimum 1 hour interval. You can optionally extend this time. You can make this adjustment via the "exchange rate Automation Settings " button.

Automatic Adaptation

If a visitor enters your Web site for the first time, WiseCP will automatically detect it and identify the appropriate currency to the user. This ensures that all amounts on the website are displayed in accordance with the visitor's own location and are provided with a high level of experience.

Products and Currencies

When you define any currency for your products and services, WiseCP automatically calculates it and displays it according to the visitor's own currency. You do not need to define each currency separately.

Important Reminder: When adding a product and service, you can optionally force it to appear in the currency you define. In this way, the product amount will be displayed in the currency you defined, not in your visitor's currency.

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